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Producer Sean GK, Maxx Oliver

X: The End Time

The astrology specialist Lou Diot notices remarkable changes in the sky. Explosions on the surface of the sun and other stars have clearly increased. Believing the end of the world is near, Lou wants to share this news with everyone but doesn't succeed convincing a single soul. Even his neighbor AleXis and her friends think he is just a madman who's totally loosing it...

The Cast

Kristanna Loken

Costas Mandylor

Wilma Elles

Daniel O’Reilly

Carina Velva

Barry Onody

Henrietta Szentes

Chance Wilder Onody

Tiffany Rose

The Cast

Cela Yildiz

Thirsa van Til

Franky Lankester

Ally Holmes

Tom Tidiman

Kiana Jewel

Jalal Jamal

Sean Kemal Ata

Taegan Schurk


Searching 4U

When three young girls studying in Europe follow their ultimate dream to work and travel in America disappear, an investigation starts with U.S. marshal Kevin and Turkish detective Omer to reveal a mysterious international plot.


about new way film

We are currently in the Pre-Production stage of our action-packed survival story "ale-X-is` Our team involves creative members who are passionate about film and our goal is to make a difference through the art of motion picture.

Sean Gk

Co- Founder - Director-Producer - Writer

Sean GK, Director, Writer, Producer and Co-Founder of NewWayFilm in Los Angeles CA. Sean GK has written and produced numerous promotional pieces, commercials and viral web videos. With a desire to create content that entertains and enlightens, NewwayFilm has reached beyond....

Maxx Oliver


New Way Film

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